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Suspended Ceiling Panel System

Can anyone give me any additional information about a suspended ceiling panel system that Tedd Benson and Kevin were discussing in show #11? It was shown in the lower level of a Habitat For Humanity House in Alstead, New Hampshire. Kevin said it was also used in the Weston House.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Suspended Ceiling Panel System

it was a proprietary "system" that Bensenwood designed for their proprietary pre-built flown-in floors! When you watch the episode again in reruns you'll hear them say this and that the ceiling/floor panel system support grid was a timber framed type system with timbers supporting the floor/ceiling panels 8 feet on center.

as they discussed the experimental design project they explained that the walls of this home were PRE-built (pre-manufactured) stud-framed panels not timber framed panels like weston project, and that they used similar chase system for bottom half of all the wall panels and used beadboard inside bottom of every wall on the experimental design habitat project, and that the floors/ceilings were pre-built, pre-manufactured timber framed panels made similarly to the weston project.

Kevin also pushed up and lifted one of the pre-built pre-finished bensonwood drop-in panels remember? a few pieces of tongue and grove material fastened to at least two one or 2 bys however many necessary on center for fasteners to secure the T&G material but the support was heavy timber framing and ledger boards that were dropped for exposed "beams" and have a "lip" on the top to keep the panels from sliding to the other side those ceiling panels are HEAVY, when dropped into place gravity holds them.

you'd have to watch the other episodes on Weston to see more details and visit the bensenwood site they have a whole section area on their own website on the Weston project for TOH.

P.S. I'm hoping to catch the whole series rerun because didn't catch if they said there was gypsum board on the inside of the floor/ceiling system or borite treated insulation or what they were using for fire spread suppression in the floor/ceiling panels.Do recall insulation might have been fiberglass batt in one of the earlier episodes shown at the factory, might have been 5th 6th or 10th in the series. Been tough following this project because of all of the non-real-time-line edits back and forth to the factory in the pre-build stages! Another reason I'm hinting strongly for TIVO or DVR for the holiday gift wish list.

Re: Suspended Ceiling Panel System

Thanks for the Information. I will check out the Bensonwood site for any info they may have. I am planning a basement Rec Room project and this ceiling has the look I'm after.

Re: Suspended Ceiling Panel System

Have you been able to locate any information on the system ?

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