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Suspended Ceiling Issue

Hello again,

This is a fun one. I have a drop ceilling in the basement that is killing me! Because I have all three bedrooms and my living room TV wall on the same 15-amp circuit, I am trying to install new outlets for my living room and office (each outlet will be on its own 20-amp circuit).

The problem I'm having is that the drop ceiling is too close to the joists. I've read that the ceiling should be no closer than 3 inches to the joists. I'd say the tiles are maybe 2 inches away. The tiles are about 3/4 inch thick and are made of some sort of stucco-like material and do not bend (unless they're broken). I can't run my wiring until I get these tiles out of the way. Any ideas on how to move these tiles out of the way without breaking more than the two I've already snapped?

Re: Suspended Ceiling Issue

Instead of trying to remove the ceiling tile, just slide it over on top of an adjacent tile.

Re: Suspended Ceiling Issue

I would, but there is a slight problem with that: With the tiles being so thick and the whole ceiling so close to the joists, there's not enough room to slide the tiles over without some real force.

Re: Suspended Ceiling Issue

what you have is probally regular acoutical ceiling grid made up of 2' 4' Ts and main T's which are 12' if you at one end where you are going to start lift up one tile on both sides of a 2'T you will see how they lock together when they are pushed through the holes on the adjoining T (they are called stab locks) spred the t's apart on both sides of the hole and then you should be able to pull one out of the hole. then do the same at the other side of the T once you have removed the T then those two tiles should be able to come out of the through the now enlarged opening. do this at different points across the ceiling so that you can fish your wire across. as a side point you don't want to fasten an electrical wire to the ceiling grid or lay an electrical wire on top of the finished ceiling. if it gets a short it will electrify the complete ceiling.

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