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Supply Line Leak - Bathroom


I had a leak this morning with the supply line with my bathroom faucet. I had installed the new faucet and supply lines about a month ago. Every thing was working fine until this morning.

The supply line that leaked was the hot water line. It is flexible vinyl, 3/8 OD 1/2" Connector (I think that's how you say it). The line is 16" long, probably 3" longer than really needed but it was either 12" or 16". I hand tighten it (remember hand tighten by me and hand tighten by a man might mean too different things). Then I used my wrench to tighten it a 1/4 turn.

So I thought I connected it correctly except it leaked (it leaked at the angle joint meets the supply line). It seemed a little too easy to un-tighten. The cold supply line was not leaking.

Could it have worked it's way loose? Did I do something wrong?
Should I have used a braided steel connector? Could the bow in the line have cause the connection to loosen?

Thanks for any advice.


Re: Supply Line Leak - Bathroom

The expansion and contraction of the line when exposed to the hot water and then allowed to cool is causing it to work loose. The fact that it is vinyl should not make a difference. Re-tighten by hand and then give it about half a turn to a full turn with the wrench. Just go by feel here - don't overtighten, just go until it is good a "snug."

Re: Supply Line Leak - Bathroom


Being another female do-it-yourselfer, I totally feel your pain. I also installed a new bathroom faucet and everything was working just fine for about a month (I thought). Then one day I was using the bathroom that I recently installed myself that is directly below the bathroom sink upstairs and I noticed my brand new paint job was bulging with water that was leaking from my sink. I freaked. I tightened the loose connection (which I thought was tight when I installed) and the faucet as been fine since. Don't be discouraged. Just remember for the next time! Good luck.


Re: Supply Line Leak - Bathroom

Patty, even us guys have to go more than a ΒΌ turn, so don't feel bad. I would stay away fron the braided supply lines, I've seen a lot of them fail.

Re: Supply Line Leak - Bathroom

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

I've been checking it every day and no leaks :)

Cheers, Patty

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