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Sunken porch - any Uretek reviews?

Has anyone had experience with the concrete-lifting technology "Uretek"? It is a deep-injected polymer that is lightweight and fills in gaps in foundations and lifts fallen porches, driveways, etc. back to level. My porch has pulled away from our house and sunk slightly due to clay soil compaction. We got an estimate from a company that uses Uretek (for $2,600). Our biggest fear is that it won't last. (We tried mudjacking 5 years ago but it the porch sunk back.) Another contractor recommends "rip and replace" over any 'liquid-lifting' methods, but this could cost twice as much. Thanks,:confused:

Re: Sunken porch - any Uretek reviews?

If mudjacking didn't solve the problem then the same approach with a different product isn't going to do any better. Clay soil can be an issue when it comes to support and most likely the soil underneath was neither tested for compaction or prepared correctly before the pour was made. The only long-term solution is to re-do the base so the slab will need to come out.

While you're in there think about the grade and drainage. Many clays get unstable if they get too wet so if this is not a well-drained area you may want a french drain at the perimeter and a good tamped replacement fill under the new slab.

Another approach if the movement isn't too bad is to just seal the area of separation and maintain that as needed until it becomes unacceptable. That might buy you time to save for a proper repair.


Re: Sunken porch - any Uretek reviews?

Thanks, Phil. Good ideas.

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