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Sump pump - Will this work?


I recently purchased a 1910 farm house in CT. The walk out basement is newer as the house was moved in the 60s to make way for a highway. The area it was moved to had been a swamp at one point so we have a fairly high water table here.

The house does have a sump pit -of sorts. Its really just a shallow hole (10-12" deep or so) in the slab with a drain pipe leading to a hole where the basement drain used to be (no cover). The drainage hole is then piped out to the end of the driveway where it dumps into a catch basin (about 75' from the pit). Both drain pipes look like 4" iron pipes. The whole installation was apparently jack hammered and patched up at one time hence the unfinished pit and drain hole.

While the sump pit and drainage holes have had water in them for most of the winter (I closed in November) they have never come close to overflowing. I have some water seepage in one corner of the basement and occasionally along the adjacent wall. Its never more than a coating of water in a few small areas.

The water in the pit comes from two places I know of: ground water and the gutter drain pipes.

Now I am only minimally knowledgeable in this type of thing and have very little plumbing experience so I have no idea if this is even feasible but here are my questions:

1) The water is generally about 8"deep and moves fairly slowly out to the street basin. This appears to be due to poor pitch in the pipe. I would like to put in a sump pump to push it along and try to drain the excess water to possibly compensate for the seepage (am I clutching at straws here?)

I'm thinking the water could be pumped out laterally via a submersible by running a 25 foot 1.5" hose from the pit into the pipe (I would obviously include a check valve). Is this possible? Can I use a clean water pump if my pit is mostly sand and rocks?

2) My other concern is that there are two drain pipes that had become disconnected from their gutters. (I have been waiting for better weather and to find an 18' ladder I can borrow before I take on this task). Once these are connected am I likely to have bigger overflow issues?

Anyone out there have some advice for me? I would prefer to do this myself if possible. If I have no choice and I HAVE to call in a pro do I call a plumber, a well company or a basement spe******t?

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