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Sump pump runs continuously after a rain.

I've been in my house for about 6 years and I'm already on my 3rd sump pump. When we get steady rain my sump pump runs literally every 30 sec for almost a week. I bought the best sump pump I could get with an electronic switch, (because that is what fails on all my pumps). Pennsylvania has been very rainy lately and my pump has been running furiously for a long time.

My pump discharges into a pipe outside my house that is underground and I assume leads underground towards the front of my house.

Why am I getting so much water underground? What can I do to make it stop? This continuous pumping is driving me crazy. Help!

Re: Sump pump runs continuously after a rain.

I think that pipe you suspect goes underground and dumps away from the house.....doesn't actually. Might have at one time, but perhaps has come apart at a joint and now the water gets dumped close to the foundation.

Or....it's possible that the installer of the pump/pipe cheated on the job from the get-go and it never did lead anywhere away from the house.

And if this pipe does run underground for some distance, that doesn't mean the water discharged from it has an appropriate place to escape. The pipe should either discharge into a drywell, storm sewer or emerge again above ground (what we call "to daylight")...or similar. If emerging to daylight, that spot needs to be somewhere such that the water then runs downhill and away from your house.

If possible, I would suggest you disconnect the pump discharge pipe from the underground portion outside the house and connect it to long piece of pipe that dumps the water well away from the house. See how that works. It shuld give you some indication as to what is going on. But don't forget that if you're having freezing weather, this pipe will freeze up also, particularly if it doesn't have a good slope on it.

Is your house located in a low area where the surrounding ground all slopes toward it?
This could/would dramatically increase the amount of water that your pump has to deal with........and if it also doesn't dump that water far enough away, the same water is simply cycling over and over again thru your sump-pump.

Also..Is there a vertical portion of discharge pipe above the sump before it goes thru the wall and out of the house? If so, is there a check-valve in that vertical portion? Should be right above the pump or very close to that. If not, then every time the pump shuts off, the water in the vertical section falls back down and must be pumped all over again.

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Re: Sump pump runs continuously after a rain.

Good points offered already about the possibility that you may have a a fountain effect with your sump discharge, where it is draining back to your foundation footing and recycling.

We had a combination of old ABS pipe for the sump discharge that then went to vitrified waste pipe. Both had failures and not at the joints, as we excavated things actually looked fine on the ABS but the inside was all blown up and there were nothing but minute cracks it was like a sieve. the vitrified was worse had HOLES in it!

Didn't read through the entire prior post, but if it wasn't mentioned sometimes a check valve can fail and let what was pumped up fall back down into the sump pit. We changed the path so that the "up" portion went higher then came back down to a bend then out the side of the foundation then made sure it kept a down and away pitch.

If he didn't mention it making sure all your drainage from the top of the house, gutters, downs, splash blocks are taking your rainfall wash off and away from the foundation is imperative, otherwise it will perk back towards the house down the outside of the foundation and ...viola back into your draintile/sump pit.

Its been a wet year here too. You aren't alone in that!

Hope that helps.

Re: Sump pump runs continuously after a rain.

The pump does discharge up about 3 ft and out of the wall. It has a check valve. I replaced the valve about a year to a year and a half ago, so I think its still good.

Wherever my water is going it may likely not be going far enough away from the house because my yard is very small and all my drain spouts drain into this pipe as well, so its taking on lot of water. I bought my house new about 6 yrs ago. Would there be records on how this system was built at the code enforcement office?

Thanks guys!

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