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sump pump location

I do not have a sump pump and I get water coming up thru the floor during heavy rains. House built in 1959. I have had 3 quotes to install. 2 are putting it in a corner and one in the middle of the basement at the floor drain. It seems to be easier to put it in the corner. Any thoughts?

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Re: sump pump location

apparently the score is 2-1. most of them are usually in a corner with a french drain leading to the sump hole. we can't advise you without seeing the basement so my gut would be to go with who you're most comfortable with. make sure you get a warranty against basement flooding, most reputable companies offer a lifetime warranty.

Re: sump pump location

My call would be "none of the above". A sump pump goes to the lowest spot in the floor or as close as you can practically get to that. If there's nothing that can get damaged, run water on the floor slowly all over with a hose, you'll see which way it's running to the low spot. Dry, use a level and watch out for humps.

I worked on a factory building about 20 years ago. It had a full basement and was sited right on top of six natural spring weeps. Instead of a monolithic pour, some engineer broke it in two with a rubber water-stop poured in the concrete at the joint. The floor was supposed to be dead-level and flat for the machinery plans. As an afterthought they put in a sump at one end, just in case. When heavy rains came as they do every summer, the springs pushed water though the joint and it was discovered that someone got the floor out-of-level. When the sump ran dry there was 2+ inches of water standing at the other end. All that was completed when I hired on and I got away from that company as fast as I could once I saw how they did things like this throughout the project :mad:

And now you understand why the sump always goes in at the lowest point, wherever it happens to be!


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