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Sump pump Installation for dishwasher

I am having some problems with my dishwasher draining. The unit cycles through fine enough, but there is always a good amount of standing water in the bottom of the basin. I know the pipes are clear, the loop is fine, and the machine itself is operating like it should, despite the drain issue. 

The deal is, the dishwasher is about 15~20 feet away from the garbage disposal. In order to route the hose, I had to put a hole in the floor, run the hose into the crawl space, over underneath the sink, back up through the floor, and then into the disposal. I think the hose is too long and the pump in the dishwasher cannot push that much water or cannot pump for long enough. 

The question is this; would it be feasible to install a sump pump in a 5 gallon bucket (or something similar) in the crawl space of the house and have the dishwasher drain into that, and then when the bucket fills, the sion pump does its thing and drains into the disposal? I realize I would have to get a pump capable of pumping solid waste (IE, food particulate), but aside from that, is the logic sound?

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