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sump pump drainage trouble

Hi. My basement flooded last nite from too much groundwater. I looked at my two sump pumps to see if they were working, and they are. However,one of the discharge hoses outside seems to be stopped up. It's draining slowly so it's not completely clogged; more water was going in than can be drained so....:eek:(shrugs).

The hose in question is a three inch wide black corrugated plastic hose that runs underground to a drain at points unknown. My assumption is that the hose discharges into the sewage system nearby. I found a trench 200 ft away in the backyard that's full of water and mud....I think this is where the drainage is supposed to go. I CAN'T see any openings in the trench or any pipes...but it must be for drainage. How can I fix the clog? Can I buy a router to clear out the crud or, will I have to dig a whole new trench and lay new hose? Also, there's a storm drain closer by (less than thirty ft). Can a PVC setup be run into it? Any sage advice will be MOST welcome.

One more question. My second pump has a PVC drainage pipe that feeds into the sewage pipe in the house. Can I just run PVC from the first pump into the main house piping without compromising the plumbing system?

I'm a green homeowner....first house. I'm used to condos and having the association handle stuff like this. So, DETAILED info is needed pls.:p

Re: sump pump drainage trouble

If the corrugated drain tile may be silted up or collapsed. A drain snake would probably do more harm than good to the plastic tile. I would recommend digging it up and replacing it. If it is the type with holes in it, be sure to cover it with filtration cloth and gravel before filling the trench. That will help keep silt out of the tile.

In most jurisdictions it is illegal to discharge ground water into the sewage system as it leads to overloading the sewer plant with water flow.

Re: sump pump drainage trouble

In most jurisdictions it is illegal to discharge ground water into the sewage system as it leads to overloading the sewer plant with water flow.

Yep --- totally agree.

Also , I question the other discharge method .

More often than not --- surface run discharge hoses are typically required --- though it could be a regional thing.

Re: sump pump drainage trouble

Ok....thanks. (sigh). Digging it up would make sense. However, I wanna get this done with minimal bank and YARD damage (chuckles). I have a few other questions...

1> Is there a way to run PVC from said pump into the home's sewage pipe system?

2> If I do dig the discharge hose up, how do I install an improved one? I heard about installing a type of drainage tank (shrugs)...? I'm green here so break it down for me would ya?

3> Is there a way to set the pump up to channel the ground water into a storage tank outside (for garden use)? I kinda like this idea...may give improvement points for the house.

Thanks for the tips!!!

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