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BFH Inc.
Sump pump discharges every ten minutes

Hello, I am a home builder in the Kansas City area. In 2007, I deconstructed a house (photo 1) and built a new home on the existing lot. During the excavation, there was no evidence of water (photo 2) once the home was built and the sump pump was wired, we noticed a water issue. The sump pump discharges every ten minutes or so, regardless of rain, snow melt, or season. I know there are options to drain the discharge and we plan to address them, once the weather improves. My question is why would this be happening, and most importantly, can this affect the foundation? I have no problem paying a consulting fee, or donating to your program. Thank You, Brian Flynn President Brian Flynn Homes Inc. Westwood Hills, Kansas

Timothy Miller
Re: Sump pump discharges every ten minutes

Hi did you excuvate the basement deeper?
I would have the water department do a test for colrine to see if a broken pipe in area is saturating the soils first.
Is the sump pit tied into a foundation drain system or just in a pit? If you remove the pump does the water raise upto the foundation or level off in the pit? If any close neighbors do they have hifgh ground water issues? What is the grad around the lot?

Timothy Miller
Re: Sump pump discharges every ten minutes

Howdy i remember seeing Tom on Ask this old H install a sump pump in a basement and was then suprised the water table was just below the foundation. He set the pump level so it would only run if water was going to become higher then the bottom of the slab. He didnot seem to note any issues that the water would affect the concrete. Modern concrete has silicone added so the portland cement does leach out like old concrete. A consulting soils/ hydrolic enginer would be my next suggestion .

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