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Sump pump basin

The base of my sump pump barrel has a crack and water bubbles up from the bottom in addition to the flow from the side channels. It causes the pump to run more frequently.
Is there any type of a patch I could put on the bottom that would ahere with water in the barrel verse digging the old barrel out and replacing it?

Re: Sump pump basin

I'm not too familiar with this, and I don't know if the crack is accessible, but what about using a sealant used in rain gutter connections?

Re: Sump pump basin

It's better to fix than patch. You need a new sump barrel. You may be able to 'line' the old one with something a bit smaller but that's as far as I'd go as a patch.

Re: Sump pump basin

Many sump pits are installed with out a bottom, if the water is rising far enough to start the pump, then it is doing its job. I would leave it alone.


Re: Sump pump basin

I would use a Marine Epoxy, such as the one shown below:

One of the features of marine epoxies is that they can be applied under water. Marine epoxies will cure properly under water as well.

I'd remove any mold or bacteria growing on the hole before plugging that hole with marine epoxy. Any boating supply shop could probably tell you how best to do that.

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Re: Sump pump basin

if your talking about a sump for ground water and the pump is going off too often because of a crack in tank is allowing too much water in, then i would install a bigger tank or adjust floats or at the very least patch holes with a swimming pool leak repair as suggested.

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