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Sump Pump

When my sump pump shuts off there is a banging noise and some vibration of the discharge pipe. What could be causing this and how can it be fixed?

Re: Sump Pump

I have the same issue. I verified I have a check valve at the base of the discharge pipe since I thought it was water coming back into the well. I believe it is caused by an unlevel surface in the bottom of the well and the pump "rocking" on the bottom of the plastic well. My plan is to put some pea gravel in the bottom of the well and seat a small round patio block in the gravel and then set the pump on the block. Hopefully this will eliminate the banging noise I hear when the pump shuts off. Please let me know if you try this and if it worked for you. I am waiting for the snow to finish melting here before I disconnect the pump and try it myself.

Re: Sump Pump

I can see this ending badly. When the sump pump motar sucks up some of the gravel, it won't be good. and it will be noisy.

my suggestion is to secure the pipe to somthing (like the wall) every 3 foot or so. Good luck. Process of elimination.

Re: Sump Pump

Maybe pea gravel was a poor choice, perhaps larger stone would be better. I would never place the pump on gravel, but on a large patio block which would be on the gravel.I think the sump pump is vibrating on the bottom of the plastic well so getting the pump onto a more solid footing was the desired result. When our sump pump shuts off there are always 2 - 3 seconds of what sounds like vibrations in the well. I have replaced the pump and still hear the same vibrations so I feel it is something with the way the pump is settled in the well.

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