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Sump Pit Smell

My sump pump is working fine, but during periods of little rain, I'm noticing a horrible odor in the pit. It is concrete lined, and there is about a 3" ring of scum between the pump trip line and the water level. There also appears to be scum on the top of the pump and some of the plumbing and electrical connections. Is this something I can clean out? What techniques/cleaners do you recommend? I've seen people recommend bleach, but that seams a little harsh to send into the storm sewer... Thanks!

Re: Sump Pit Smell

I had one like this several years ago. I filled the pit with bleach and water. a year later we found out that the sewer line was leaking and the french drain picked up the leaking water and broth it into the pitt. There are special dyes that you can put down your main drain and then if the dye shows up in your pitt you have leak on your sewer line.


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