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Sulfur Smell

Two bathrooms have been remodeled with undermounted sinks; metal P traps were replaced with the PVC pipes. There is a sulfur like smell coming from both sink drains.

Does anyone know why this would be happening and/or if there is an easy fix?

Re: Sulfur Smell

1. You have to establish the type of smell. Could be sulfur, natural gas, dead animal, mold and mildew and so on.

2. Take the traps off and check closely. Can you determine the type of smell and the source?

Plastic traps don't smell anymore than metal traps. The source must be somewhere else.

Let us know what you found.

Re: Sulfur Smell

Have you found out from where the sulfur smell was coming?

Re: Sulfur Smell

You can only solve this problem if you know from where the smell is coming. Unless you know the reason for smell you can't solve this issue.

Re: Sulfur Smell

Unpleasant sulfur smells coming from your sink drain may be either sulfates or hydrogen sulfide gas in your water. Sulfates and hydrogen sulfide are not always responsible for sink drain odor, however; the smell can also be caused by something as simple as decaying organic matter trapped in your drain. Check the drain cap for rotting food that could be stuck underneath. If you have a garbage disposal, run it briefly to get rid of any decaying food.

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