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suggestion on pine tree stump removal

I had a pine tree cut down by a tree service company. The company's saw broke while cutting down the tree, and they were not able to fully cut the stump down to the ground because it was too big for the other chainsaw they had. The stump is about 3 or 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Any suggestions on how I can get the stump all the way down to the ground and finally removed without calling another tree service to finish the job. Also, the stump sits right on top of the water line to our house. Thanks.

A. Spruce
Re: suggestion on pine tree stump removal

If you don't want to pay a service to come and cut/grind it out, then your only other alternative is to do it yourself. If you are comfortable with chainsaws, rent one and take it down in sections. You don't need a bar that will cut all the way through the stump, you just cut sections out and work your way across it. But I would actually leave the stump height until it was pulled from the ground, to give you more leverage to pull on it.

Get yourself a couple of grunts with shovels and axes to dig up the root system and disconnect the stump from the ground. Use the height of the stump with chains, come-along, or tow vehicle to give you some extra ripping force.

I would first find your water line and see just how encumbered the root system is with it before using the axes or yanking on the stump. When all is said and done, it will be faster and easier to call a stump service to come and grind it out. I'd still find the water line first so that they don't go too deep with the grinder.

Re: suggestion on pine tree stump removal

It seems to me that the original company should finish what you payed then to. Any 16" or 18" saw would be able to to get the sump down to the ground. If you don't care about the time, drill holes in the stump & fill with powdered milk and cover with mulch. In a couple years it will be rotted. Or grind it out. The water should be at least 3' down if you are in a cold climate

Re: suggestion on pine tree stump removal

If your contract with the tree company said that they would cut the tree to the stump, well that's what you should expect. I've never heard of an excuse like this: "our chain broke down, so we can't finish".

Did you pay them in full? you're out of luck.

To get rid of a 3' wide stump, I would grind it down. You can rent a grinder and DIY. If you want to use your chain saw, be ready for a tough job. Average cost for a grinder job like this is around $250.

Re: suggestion on pine tree stump removal

1. Hope you didn't pay them.
2. Your water line should be down about 5 ft. unless you live in the south. If it's deep, no worries. If it's shallow, dig it up so you can see it before you proceed.
3. Pines don't have much of a root system. dig & chop. You can get it out.

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