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Suggest products and materials for the 'All About' column of TOH magazine

The Reader-Created issue of This Old House is coming and we want to hear your "All About" topic ideas. As some of you already know, TOH magazine runs a monthly "All About..." column that tells you just about everything you need to know about a home product. Past features include All About Engineered Wood Floors, All About Paint, and All About Grout.

What do YOU want to know ALL ABOUT? Tell us here and your idea could be featured in the July/August Reader-Created issue of This Old House.

Re: TOH wants to know what YOU want to know "All About"

i would like to know how to remove an old chimney that goes through my kitchen. it is no longer used and has been removed from the roof line when we put on a new roof. the rest of the top is inaccesible.

Re: TOH wants to know what YOU want to know "All About"

I have an old cottage with an equally old fireplace. I would like to know all about fireplace repair and should a fireplace have flashing around it if it is against wood siding.

I would also like to know all about the tools and methods used to replace old exterior molding that looks rotten.


Peggy D.
Re: TOH wants to know what YOU want to know "All About"

What is new for driveway covers?
We know about gravel, asphalt paving, pavers, concrete, and even sand.
I've heard about new mixes composed of rubber tires and other recycled items.
How do the new covers compare in durability, upkeep, installation, and price with the previously mentioned covers?


All about Rumford and Bell fireplaces and WHY they are so much better. Also how to adapt old fireplaces to use some benefits of the Rumford design.

Save trees!


You could spend months doing 10 minute segments on all the features of Monticello that Jefferson thought of. Big one -- How did he keep it cool before air conditioning? I read somewhere that it still isn't air conditioned. His design works, the house doesn't need it. Think of the energy we could save if that design was widely used.

Inside a stair step ...

... how to build a secret hiding place or just more storage room, as many older (100 year range) homes used to have.

Tell Roger ...

... to stop recommending peat moss as a mulch. It's becoming an endangered resource in Canada. It doesn't just sit there, it's part of the ecological cycle. Only it takes something like 10,000 years to replace itself. (Number just made up.)

Consider shredded leaves. Newspaper underneath, no plastic fiber ground cloth, shredded leaves on top. My plants love it!

My favorite place to get leaves is one of the old small cemetaries around here. They rake the leaves in the fall, pile them up on the edge of the cemetary and never touch them again. I dig out the bottom of the pile, put them in pick up truck, unload and run mower over them, perfect and free.

Property surveys

Through personal experience, I was astonished to discover that a great deal of land has never been professionally surveyed and registered at the county courthouse.

How to talk knowledgeably to a surveyer, how to talk to neighbors, how to react when neighbors pull out the survey posts (twice), how to act when other neighbor is trying adverse possession, how to talk to your lawyer [sigh] ... then make sure it's registered in the courthouse.

Quality Deer

Next time you do a country house, discuss deer hunting (and precautions for non hunters). Talk about the Quality Deer Management Program, which started as just another hunting group and has turned into a force for taking care of the environment, improving it, improving deer hunting laws.

See QDMA.org. I think.

Timothy Miller
Re: TOH wants to know what YOU want to know "All About"

Jobs that the guys enjoyed doing and why?


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