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Re: Subfloor repair question

You're just darn lucky you can kneel down. :D

Re: Subfloor repair question

By the way around here cement board is almost always used for ceramic floor tile installation.

Re: Subfloor repair question

You need to protect those knees. I had both of mine totally replace a yr ago in Nov, Both at the same time and Im just turning 53 real soon..... Nope Im not brave or stupid either....just a little crazy....
No really it was the best thing Ive done in yrs.
Wish I would of listented to the smart old timers yrs to take care of my body...

After it was all done I watched the video....I thought Wow thats pretty easy, nothing a recip saw,Impact Driver,WD-40,Spider Wire fishing line,stainless fishing hook,Jack Daniels and some good stainless hardware cant take care of.....lol

Re: Subfloor repair question

LOL jkirk, I was joking around one day with my buddys about attaching note to my knees with magnets to remember things. Then one of them said nice thought but magnets dont work on titanium fool,,,,,

Re: Subfloor repair question

I was just reviewing a floor heating technology a moment ago. I'll find the link and post it.

Everyone needs an online fax service.


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