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Sub floor repairs

Live on second floor condo, now 25 yrs old. Floors squeaked very badly, repair man came in, lifted carpet and pad, added screws on every visible seam, set the carpet back. On high traffic area (hallway to master bed.bath) took very long time to get quiet. Lots of screws added. Even screwed over vinyl in kitchen and bath (not worried about cosmetics at the time.)

Work done on a warm day in Nov, about 60 degrees.

No squeaks... but NOW....floors snap and pop in multiple places almost every day. The bathroom has multiple snaps and pops, the bedroom too around the sliding door is bad. What is the remedy?

New resident downstairs, no access to floors from below.

Also, what should be in the space between the units? How can I decrease the noise transfer while I get the floors fixed? What's the best sound deading material? there are fiberglass batts of insulation now but that is 25 yrs old and does nothing.

The big question is: should I rip it all up and replace with all new 4X8 planks? Get advice from structual engineer?

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Re: Sub floor repairs

I think your problem is: no construction adhesive. Nails/screws alone will still make noises.

Ripping the floor out and doing a new floor correctly could be expensive, so you decide if you want to do that or not.

Re: Sub floor repairs

Should have pulled the old nails, I think they are culprits.

Re: Sub floor repairs

Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate your comments and opinions.

So.... to simplify: pull the carpet and pad, remove all the 4 by 8s right down to the joists.

Where would the sound proofing material go? between the joists and the NEW 4x8? or on top of the NEW 4x8 under the carpet pad? What is a quality high-performing sound absorbing material for the floor?

What is the best insulating material for the cavity between the floors?

So, I should move out (temporarily) and let 'em demo this place and begin anew?

Would bringing in a structural engineer or building inspector be worthwhile? Perhaps there could be a work-around?

Hope to receive a few replies. And Thanks :)

Re: Sub floor repairs

If you could get your hands on some foam insulation coupled with new insulated subfloor boards that would be key to reducing sound transfer. as far as fixing the squeeks and cracks It seems that they originally never installed adhesive or they used it improperly (being a condo very likely was never used) the solution that I would do would be to take one room at a time and clear everything out and then rip the old subfloor boards out and install completely new ones correctly. You could also use this opportunity to tile your kitchen and bath if you have some extra funds laying around

As far as structural engineer or inspector are concerned I wouldnt bother since you already know what the problem is and they would just take your money to tell you the same thing.

If you are mechanically inclined at all you will not have any problems replacing these floors it sounds scarier than it is and it is really not very difficult. But if you would like to hire a contractor make sure that the rooms that you would like done are cleared when they get there the less time that they have to spend messing around in a room generally the less you have to pay

As far as time frame goes I am not sure what square footage you are dealing with but I know that I have replaced subfloors and flooring in plenty of kitchens (20x20) in about half a day to a day if there is alot of cabinets to take out the subfloors can be a pain in older homes but since yours is only 25 years old it probably wont be too bad

Also when installing the flooring screws you have to watch not to torque them down too much because they will sheer and they are not holding anything then

Re: Sub floor repairs

Thank you Doug18. Some great info to consider and I'll need to do a bit of product research too.

Have to begin somewhere, guess one room at time is the best way to go. Have approx 900 sq ft in 2 bed/2 bath with living room and kitchen/dining room combo. Oh and the tiny utility room too.

Still will consider all replies and opinions, any info or opinions greatly appreciated.

Thanks -bigfanx-

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