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Styrofoam as insulation

I've been cleaning out my garage and attic and getting rid of some old boxes that various items came in. They were packaged using Styrofoam. Instead of just throwing out the Styrofoam, I thought about just using them as extra insulation in the attic. Is that a good idea?

Re: Styrofoam as insulation

I applaud your effort to keep Styrofoam out of the landfills but using packing Styrofoam for extra insulation is not a good idea. It contains no fire retardant. Also, it is very lightweight. In the event of a fire little bits of Styrofoam will be little popcorn nuggets of fire and will rapidly spread the fire.

Google “recycle Styrofoam” and you will find several ideas for good uses for this leftover Styrofoam. Skip the idea about melting it with solvent, though. You would be trading one problem for another.

I save my used Styrofoam for packing breakables for storage, for packing items for shipping, and I take the Styrofoam peanuts to work where they are used for packaging.

Re: Styrofoam as insulation

I also keep mine for mailing packages. There is some styrofoam that is specially designed as insulation. Not sure the name, but our contractor used it and it works great. It obviously has the fire retardant features you need.

Re: Styrofoam as insulation

Thanks for all your ideas.

Re: Styrofoam as insulation
jkirk wrote:

giv'r, foam is being used more and more often as an insulator in construction. if its free go for it

Styrofoam packaging is about as flammable as diesel fuel, not a good idea for insulation.

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