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Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

In my small little hometown in NW Ohio, there is a home for sale that is a bit grander than most in the 2.5 sq mile town. Anyways, it's up for sale at 255K and I was trying to talk my parents into purchasing it as it's in very nice shape in my opinion.

Coming from Columbus, OH where we have numerous historic villages, many of the home's architectural styles are easy to discern, but this one for sale in my hometown has me a little....puzzled. I was so puzzled, I checked with the historical society and found the home to be built sometime between 1899 and 1901 and was built by Henry Leilich...an 1881 German immigrant to the town that later was a civic city leader and founded a prominent manufacturing plant in the town...which explains the wealthy grand stature of the home. Mr. Leilich was also a very intelligent man and helped design some other structures in the city....this one being the only of it's "kind".

First glimpse, suggest "Colonial Revival" of the "Georgian Revival" kind. The columns, mostly square brick constructions leads one to believe so. Brick is a little rare for Colonials, but not unheard of. However, that's about where it stops. This guy really implemented some different elements. with a half moon porch that lacks symmetry and has bends in it. He also built it with a "widow's walk"...a balcony on top of the mansard roof. There is a tower/turret on the structure...without a conical top on the tower. He even implemented an ingenious swing open window frame on hinges to actually have access to 2nd floor portico/porch balcony. Another thing that boggles me is the dormer window at the top...unlike any other I have ever seen...almost Palladian without any frame. The front door is very modest...no additional "lights" or transoms...just a rather small, modest door with nothing else....and it's NOT lined up with the walkway on the porch which is also bizarre. Can anybody else help me out with explaining this piece?...or should I just sit back and say it's the work of a man that wanted to "forge his own style"? I attached pictures and a youtube video of the interior of the home.

Rear of home and garage...note ballustrade at top...it's the widow's walking area.

Dormer window on THIS side is typical double hung window.

Dormer window on the OTHER side(east) is Palladian window.

Large portico with accessible 1st and 2nd floor porch/balcony...note semi circular porch design on end.

Large portico, columns, lack of symmetry on porch, the turret, and very modest front door with standard window lintel.

Tower/turret has no conical roof and has ballustrade on top instead. Note the dormer window...something I've never seen before.

Continued below...

Re: Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

Continued from above...

Better view of front.

Such a strange entry door...and it is original. It is offset to the right of the porch(which is original)and has none of the other grand windows or transoms accompanying it for such a "grand" home.

Description of historical society and wider photo of home.
The Leilich House, a Georgian Revival house, was built by Henry Louis Leilich in 1901. It is located at 505 West Fifth Street. The house is the only one in town with a widow's walk, a deck at the top of the house from which the wives of sea captains stood and watched for their husband's ship to return. Henry's granddaughter, Esther, and her husband, Robert T. Powell, later owned this house. This city landmark has been well maintained and preserved.

Last but not least, an interior video of the home...when they go up the staircase and show the smaller room...not the hinges on the swing open window to get to the 2nd floor balcony. Also the finished space up top with the ladder to access the "widow's walk". Plastic work in beginning room is original and as is the canvas ceiling in the room after it.

Re: Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

Awesome house! I also live in NW Ohio.

Re: Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

Colonial Revival it is (with some elements of what appears to be generic "four square"). Early Colonial Revival houses tended to be both inauthentic and eclectic, reflecting the styles of the 1880's and 90's when they began to appear. They would get more authentic after the turn of the century (but not uniformly). There are a number of plan books which illustrate similar houses - Dover has reprinted a huge number of them. I like, no, love, the "Impressive" topper sign on the realtors sign.

Re: Styling I've never seen before....Georgian?...Free Classical?

I agree with the Colonial revival label for this palace of a house. ***, what a wonderful property. I just want to explore all of the nooks and crannys of the interior!

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