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Stump degrading powders/chemicals - do they work

I have a couple of old stumps in the back of my property that are not really bothersome enough to bring in a grinder, but I would not mind removing. I have seen various products that you put on the stumps to help them decay. Does anyone have any experience in using these? Most I have seen say to then burn the stump when far enough broken down, but it is in a wooded area so I will non be burning.

Any advice would be great!

Re: Stump degrading powders/chemicals - do they work

Don't burn anything.

I've never had luck with those chemicals. A grinder works the best. Second best is natural decay - after a few years bring in the sledge hammer and break the stump off.

Re: Stump degrading powders/chemicals - do they work

All you have to do is drill a bunch of holes - the bigger the better - in the stump and add regular fertilizer such as 12-12-12 to the holes every two months or so. Two years later no stump it will just decompose. The fertilizer is necessary as the microbes need this to help break down the cellulose in the wood. The other alternative that I have used a lot is to remove the dirt around the stump several inches below ground level and dig out an area for a chain saw. Scrub off all remaining dirt on the stump with water and a brush so the chain saw is not contacting any dirt. Start your saw, saw off the stump below ground level and then cover it with dirt.

Re: Stump degrading powders/chemicals - do they work

Another easy solution is driving a short copper pipe into the stump, but the chemical reaction is slow and the results don'r show up very quickly.

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