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Stucco over Brick & water damage

I just did a home inspection on a house from 1908. The home is a brick foundation, but it has been stuccoed. The stucco has hairline cracks throughout. The problem occurs in the sw cornor of the house where there was a completely broken gutter. Due to that broken gutter, I imagine an awful lot of water was in contact with that side of the home. The stucco is peeling a bit in that cornor, and I had noticed that the interior of the sw cornor shows some water damage. The wall plaster was crumbling.. Also in that same cornor, in the cellar, there is evidence of water having been on the wooden joist. We dont know how bad it was because everything is covered by the stucco. I asked seller to hire a general contractor to peel back the stucco in that cornor so we can investigate the brick foundation and fix anything that needed to be, but she doesn't have the cash. How bad do you think this is? Is this something you would recommend walking away from? PS this is also in the Denver area, not too much rain here..

Re: Stucco over Brick & water damage

Look, walking away is entirely up to you. We can't suggest on what we can't physically see and you'll need to get estimates (including worst case scenarios) from some local contractors.

If you are just madly in love with the house, it's in the right location for you, and it doesn't cost a fortune to correct the situation, consider splitting the cost with the seller.

From my years of experience in buying and selling homes, there is no 100% perfect home. Every home out there needs work. Some need more and some need less. Doing real estate is learning how to compromise.

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