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Stucco Gap and Outlet Question

Long story short, our stucco guy will never be back on my property and here is my dilemma: Around our new construction gang boxes, he did not fill in enough stucco. Thus, when I put a cover over the gang box, it shows anywhere from a 1/2 inch to an inch gap around most of the boxes.

Do any of you have a solution for this? Do they make some sort of backing plate or something that I can put between the stucco and cover that will cover the gap? Thanks, Brendan

Re: Stucco Gap and Outlet Question

An inch is a fair bit -- was the opening in the wall made too big --- sounds like it.
In some defence to the stucco guy ---- if the wall cutout was too large to begin with then it's hard for the stucco guy to magically fix it with stucco when there's no backing. Though he should have tried to fill the gap for applying stucco.

If I recall there are oversized plates available -- something like 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 for singles and 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 for doubles. It's likely you may not find those at your local DIY supply center but rather you would likely need to go to a electrical supply house.

If this on the exterior then stucco would have an irregular surface and not providing an even surface to make things weather tight --- to begin with.
I would suggest you fill the excees gap with a spray foam from a can . Once the cover plates are installed use a high qaulity caulk along the top , both sides and part way along the bottom --- come in from each corner toward the center leaving about an inch. The reason for this 1 inch of no caulk is to allow any water that may get in behind the cover plate and aveneue to drain out.

2 cents worth.

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