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Stripping old woodwork

This may be a dumb question or it may have been discused before but I will ask anyways. I just recently bought a house that was built in 1888 and has beutiful wood work throughout. the only problem is none of the previous owners took care of it and it needs to be refinished.what chemical strippers would you recomend as it is very detailed. andI would like to get this done as quickly as possible. I am not worried about fumes or anything like that as I have access to fresh air masks if neccesary. Any and all suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks all in advance

Re: Stripping old woodwork

I have had good luck with BIX stripper.You can get it at Home Depot.The fumes are stong and I would wear a mask.Open the windows and put a fan in one of them blowing outside.Just follow the instructions on the label.:)

Re: Stripping old woodwork

my wife and I found that using a heat gun to scrap off the old paint then using mineral spirits to clean up the gunk then try a store bought stripper because that old paint is very tuff. then sand to your desired look.also be careful cuz alot of these old paints may contain lead.if you find something better please let me know.

Re: Stripping old woodwork


Are you stripping paint or some type of clear finish?

Re: Stripping old woodwork

First if it is old paint it may be Milkpaint, to remove that go to realmilkpaint.com and get their stripper, if it's newer oilbased or latex paint, Bix or Zipstrip, or even a heat gun. If it's a natural finish like varnish, you might want to first just try cleaning it with TSP. Second try the Formby products. If theworkwork is in bad shape strip with Bix or Zipstrip, wash, sand and refinish.

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