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Stripping down an old house and going modern.

We purchased a 1910 Craftsman/Victorian hybrid with the original intention of renovating it. However, after one trip to Lowes, where a special order chandelier in a very modern design was left on a clearance bin, we've been researching and loving very modern designs. Now we've come up with the idea of stripping the house down and redesiging in a very modernist style. The house is fairly original, windows, doors, knobs, built ins, floors, etc. Is there a market to sell this stuff? Does anyone want old, solid wood doors, leaded glass windows, etc? In other words, is there a reason to do the demo carefully and save as much as we can? Is ebay the best place to sell this stuff, or is there a better marketing tool?

Re: Stripping down an old house and going modern.

All because of one chandelier?
Sounds like the tail trying to wag the dog.
I know this isn't what you asked, but a little eclectic in places is one thing, but stripping the house to match a chandelier is another. Just my unsolicited opinion.

Re: Stripping down an old house and going modern.

I have to 150% agree with ed21.

But, to reluctantly answer your question, there is a huge market for stuff like that. Google Architectural Salvage. There are plenty of places that buy old hinges, doorknobs, windows, etc etc.

I made it easy for you:





A. Spruce
Re: Stripping down an old house and going modern.

I wouldn't fault anyone wanting to modernize an old home, just as I wouldn't fault someone who wanted to restore the old world charm of a home.

My take on the OP's situation isn't that they're designing the house around a chandelier, but that they realize they like modern far more than old (count me in with this crowd ).

As KCP suggests, there's lots of companies specializing in salvage, just Google for them. :cool:

Re: Stripping down an old house and going modern.

I would think "modern" would need to be defined. To replace old worn out cabinets with a re-designed kitchen and baths would be one thing but to replace doors, base, casings and hardware with cheap and “modern” alternatives would seem sacrosanct to me. I would definitely replace the windows with something period style and insulate the home as well.

Re: Stripping down an old house and going modern.

Thanks, KC that's the kind of stuff I was looking for. And after a little research here in town, I found a place less than a mile from my house that said they'd love to buy anything I could salvage. Floors, doors, etc. The guy has actually been in this house before and said it was a treasure trove of period stuff that he'd love to have.

And I didn't mean to sound like this is some seat of the pants thing. We've lived here for almost 3 years and could not come to an agreement on renovation until we saw that chandelier. It was like a lightbulb went off in both our heads at the same time.

As for cheap and modern, I'm afraid it's actually going to cost us more to go with this new plan than to do even a pretty thorough restoration of the house. Modern isn't cheap, trust me.

The first thing we're buying are the components for a teak and plexiglass fence (that will of course go up last, but we're getting a good deal on the stuff) and that's going to run $3500, normally around $6k just for the materials. Who knows how much they'll charge us to install it! Unless, by then, we're so good at this stuff we can do it ourselves...

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