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stripping cedar siding

My husband and I have cedar siding on our house that is 26 years old. It's been stained and sealed by previous owners but neglected as well. We want to strip off the peeling stain and let the wood weather to that nice gray colour. I'm looking for advice on how to do that...can we just sand off what's there and let nature weather the wood? Will we have to apply a clear sealer so there are no future mould/rot problems?

Any advice is appreciated!

I tried posting the links to photos of the current siding.



Re: stripping cedar siding

Stains penetrate the wood whereas paints sit on the surface, so stain removal isn't easy at all. Some newer water-based stains penetrate less, almost like paint, and those can be sanded through fairly easily. With the sheerf size of this job I'd suggest that you contract a few local professional painters and have then assess what can be done, but don't be surprised if they tell you that you're stuck with the dark color unless you want to let it age away. You can paint a lighter color over this but that's not strain and it will preclude staining ever again unless you strip the paint completely. Perhaps a lighter solid-color stain can be applied over this, I've never tried that so I don't know. Personally I like the color of the house as-is but it's your house so do what you want!


Re: stripping cedar siding

What you want to do - you may not be able to do, as mentioned above.

Just have a painter sand the peeling stain away, finish preparing, and re-stain. Don't switch to paint at this stage of the game.

Today, unlike years ago, there are so many exterior stain colors to choose from that can be easily sprayed on. BTW, your house is very attractive.

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