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Stripped under sink shut-off valve.

I have a 1993 Manufactured home. The cold water shut-off valve is broken in the closed position and the handle just keeps turning. It doesn't leak because I repacked the valve stem from a previous leak. As you can see it is connected to gray somewhat flexible tubing by brass crimps. I am willing to buy the whole valve even though I only need the internal worm gear if I could find one. I have looked everywhere locally here in Tucson, Az. I could shut the water off for the whole house and try to open the valve from the inside, but I would rather replace it. At this time I am not able to have a plumber come in and cut the line, etc. Does anyone know where I can look to find a shut-off valve as pictured? It is a 5/8" line and the inline valve portion is 1/2 ".

A. Spruce
Re: Stripped under sink shut-off valve.

That is a PEX style waterline, which is flexible plastic and crimp fittings. Without the necessary crimping tools, there is no removing the old to install the new. Since you're on a budget, I would attempt to replace the guts with those of a new valve. New valves will be found at a mobile home parts supplier or repair facility. Mobile homes are a unique breed so you won't find off the shelf parts at the local big box supply.

Look in the phone book under mobile home parts, repair, service, you should be able to find a number of local businesses and repair personnel to help you.

Re: Stripped under sink shut-off valve.

To add a bit to Sprucey's post....

This is gray polybutylene pipe/tubing. It is also found in many older RV trailers and vehicles. So RV outlets are another potential source for parts.

Before I had any crimping tools I repaired a number of these types of fittings with nothing more than hose clamps in place of the crimp rings. The best hose clamps for this are the narrow ones which can be found at some auto supply stores or departments. The band would about 3/16" wide or so as opposed to the normal 3/8" or so. These narrow ones cinch and seal better on this type of pipe, IME. Apply two of them side by side, but rotated at least 90 degrees from one another. The old crimp rings can be cut with either a hacksaw or a dremel with a cutting wheel. Go slow and be careful as you don't want to slice into the pipe.

If you're lucky, you'll find some valve guts you can swap out instead.

PS- A guy down the road a couple miles or so has these same valves and gray poly in his manufactured home. I know this because I've had to make several repairs on his fittings over the years. Maybe I slip down there when they go to town and grab some valve guts for ya. )

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