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Stress cracks

I live in an apartment complex and in the corners of one of your bedrooms the wall is cracking i was told that they are stress cracks. I went on vacation and when i came home i noticed that the cracks were gone. Can that just happen that in warmer weather the cracks just close? and in cold weather they open back up? please help me i am very confused :confused:

Re: Stress cracks

I sort of doubt they were GONE GONE...and sure..
seasonal changes = structual changes
I'm guessing that fter a while the cracking area will stay that way at which point you may want to use a fiberglass reinforced joint compound filler after you open it up and clean the crack out.
On small cracks I've used Red Devil or Dap quick drying very light weight compound that comes in pint sized containers.

Re: Stress cracks

See the thing is i live in low income housing and i went on vacation for about a month and when i came home there was a real strong paint smell and i noticed that the cracks were gone and i was curious if they came and painted them and when i confronted them they told me that the cracks closed on there own i am not sure if they would actually close on there own

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