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Streamlining complex drain

I have a 50 year old house on a septic system. 35 years ago a dry well was added, and the gray water stack from kitchen and laundry was rerouted to drain into the dry well (this with municipal approval). The gray water stack drains using a large hose across the laundry room floor, draining into the basement floor drain.

The connection to the main drainage stack is made using a rubber sleeve fastened with a hose clamp, then a plastic 90 degree elbow, then the long hose to the floor drain, with another 90 degree elbow at the drain end.

My washer has a so-called "automatic lint filter" and, despite my using pantihose on the washer drain hose, the gray water plumbing connection clogs frequently. Is there a more streamlined connection I can assemble that would avoid the sharp elbow at the main stack connection? The elbow is vertical, so is obviously not in place to prevent sewer gases from reaching the laundry room. The laundry tubs also connect to this gray water drainage system.

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