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strange floor stains

We have oak hardwood flooring which we had refinished 2 years ago. The refinishers did a great job, the floor looked great until about 6 months later. "Stains" seemed to become apparent overnight. These darkened areas are parallel lines about 2 inches wide that randomly appear scattered about the floor. They do not correspond to floor joists. (see picture) HELP!!! They really are quite unsightly! :(

Thank you!

Re: strange floor stains

you should have the floor refinishers come look at it, its hard to say what could have caused them from the pics.

Re: strange floor stains

Could be some chatter from the sander. If your floors are somewhat uneven, and they use a large sander, the sander will chatter and cause very faint stripes. Then when stain or sealer is added, it settles into these stripes and becomes more pronounced. This is speculation in your case. A floor guy told me when you have an old house that has settled you should use smaller sanders to reduce the chatter.

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