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susan frances
stormwater collection from gutters

I am removing my box gutters, replacing them, and want to store rain water somehow for my plants and the lot next door. any suggestions?

Re: stormwater collection from gutters

I'm no expert but on the Austin house that TOH recently featured, they did a cistern system to collect storm water for landscape watering. I think that you can view the video or read about it somewhere here on the site. :)

I plan on doing something similar at my house but I am going to use a smaller, less obtrusive tank, a booster pump and a drip irrigation system.

Re: stormwater collection from gutters

Presonally, I'd stay away from pumps unless ABSOLUTELY neccessary. I've had to use a pump for my greywater system & even with filters, debris still manages to get into the line & foul things up.

As far as the catchment idea, there are many ways to do it. What I will be doing soon will be buying multiple 55 gal drums (cost-efficient) and using an equalizer pipe to link them together from below to a tap. The whole thing will be above the highest elevation in the yard so that I can water by gravity. There are larger cistern ideas out there & even commercial tanks that can be used, but the drums are only about 2' across, so they can be lined up against a wall without taking up a big amount of yard space.

Re: stormwater collection from gutters

I was wondering from those that have put in a catch barrel system. What do you do during the winter months, if the temperatures get below freezing? I've seen several diverters to the downspout but not really sure which is best for the winter months. Or do you reconnect your original gutter during the fridgid temperatures.

Just curious, this is on my project list in the next year or so.


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