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Storing used can of insulating foam sealant?

Anyone see today's show (Sat. 6/19/10) where they showed how to store the can so that it wouldn't seal up and can be used a 2nd time? I missed how he explained to do it.

Bonnie aka brit 5467

Re: Storing used can of insulating foam sealant?

i didnt see it but,leave the straw nozzle on it, let the end of it harden then cut off the tip when you need it again. some brands of foam have better tips which they keep behind the contractors desk at true lumber yards not big box. if it does harden up on you ask the guys on the desk

Re: Storing used can of insulating foam sealant?

Jkirk !! That was it, exactly. The very last part I caught showed a big bubble of the foam at the end of the 'straw'. Had just called Mom & she was telling ME to shut up so SHE could see what he was saying (she'a a female Bob Vila) and by the time I changed channels, we BOTH missed it !!

Anywhooo....you saying the foam within the straw doesn't harden -- just the foam coming out the end? Sort of like a caulk gun, where you can keep cutting the tip off to get to the 'good stuff' (unless you stick a wirenut on it)???

And tks for the hint about the 'behind the desk' thing at the lumber yards. I'm in good with one yard from when I was project administrator on a few on-site (construction) offices so no problem with that. Good to know !!!

Tks again,
Bonnie (aka brit5467)

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