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Vera Lenora
Storage under stair steps

Does anyone know how to use stair steps to provide extra storage, assuming there is any room under the steps? I've heard about this in old houses, and seen new designs when I searched the web, but nothing about converting old stairs.
My favorite handyman is reluctant to start tearing up my stairs without some ideas.

More storage space is always useful, plus I like the idea of a hidey-hole.


Re: Storage under stair steps

In a prior residence, I removed a stair tread and installed hinges between the riser and that tread. I opened it with pressure on the nose of the tread, but it made for kind of a noisy step (it was an old house so not unexpected to have a noisy step). This particular staircase was between two walls; if the stair is open on one side and the balusters meet the tread this probably won't work.

A better latching mechanism would be to install a spring and a hidden latch. Slide a thin object into the gap between the tread and the riser above to release the latch; the spring lifts the tread open.

A. Spruce
Re: Storage under stair steps

I think your time and money would be better spent to find other nooks and crannies that are larger, more accessible, and generally useful.

How about bed boxes, either built or bought, to slide under the beds? How about cabinetry, such as bookshelves, armoir/hutch, etc?

MLB Construction
Re: Storage under stair steps

i agree with spruce but while we're on the subject.....i saw a house that had 6 drawers, one in each riser going up a set of stairs. very ingenious and i can't want to find a customer that will let me do that for them.

each riser had a finger hole in the middle of it. all you did was put your finger in, and out pulled a drawer about 18" deep and about 2" shorter on each end than the stair tread. great, great idea.

Re: Storage under stair steps

What are planning to hide?

Re: Storage under stair steps

Usually people use a door on the interior wall under the staircase to access this space. I have also seen built in bookcases used in this space. This is the first I've heard of using the stairs as the access.

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