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Stopped Toilet

I have a stopped-up toilet that isn't responding to plunging or using an auger. What do I do now? Call a plumber?


Re: Stopped Toilet

I would... Oh wait I am a Plumber. You can rent sewer snakes at home depot or other rental places if you fell like you can handle it. Check if there is a clean out if so open the cap if its full of water then its after the clean out if not then its towards the house.

Re: Stopped Toilet

Are there any other drains that are stopped up? If so then you may have a main line stoppage that will require snaking. If it's just the toilet you can use a toilet auger to clear it. One other thing to try. When using the plunger don't just try to push it down to clear the stoppage pull back hard on it also.


Re: Stopped Toilet

Toilets are fairy easy to remove and replace.

1- Buy yourself a new wax ring kit.
2- Get whatever liquid you can out of the toilet and tank. (This may not be a pretty situation)
3- Using a wrench, loosen the bolts holding the toilet down
4- Lay a towel or moving blanket nearby.
5- Remove the toilet, laying it on its side to expose the hole on the bottom where the water exits the toilet.
6- Locate the Barbie doll, toy dinosaur, hair brush, or article of clothing which everyone will deny having anything to do with.
7- Remove the item causing the blockage.
8- Sc**** away the old wax ring.
9- Install the new wax ring.
10- Re install the toilet.
11- Make the clog causer buy you a nice lunch.

Re: Stopped Toilet

Houston, can you eat lunch after doing these steps???:D

Re: Stopped Toilet

Sorry I skipped a step

10B - shower with bleach / lysol / or a betadine solution.

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