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stone stair repair along a slope

I have some stone stairs that go along the side of a slope that is about 35 degrees. The slope continues to slump causing our stairs to slump sideways. How can I repair these stairs? Is there any way to prevent them from slumping too much? I though of driving some rebar into the slope and angling the srairs a bit into the slope but i am not sure if that would work. Any suggestions? I have attached a couple photos so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about...well, I tried anyway, but this website wouldn't accept my jpeg.

Re: stone stair repair along a slope

We really need the photos. Try loading them onto a host like photobucket and then give us the link.

There is no magic solution for all styles of stairs on all types of slopes.

Most likely the sagging steps are the result of erosion, so your first job is to determine what causes it.

After that you can decide on a course of action. But we need photos of the steps, the slope and under the steps.

A. Spruce
Re: stone stair repair along a slope

Without a stable base, whatever is built on top of it will continue to fail. Why is the slope moving? How steep is the slope?

Re: stone stair repair along a slope

I will try to get photos on here. I don't understand why my jpg won't work; it is only 72kb but still won't upload. Below the stairs the slope is about 30-35 degrees. It is from continuous creeep of the hillside. We have 2 levels of retaining walls below that.

ok, this will get you to my fb page with a couple pics:

Here is a pic of how it looked when I first put it in; you can also see the slope a little:

Re: stone stair repair along a slope

If the ground is moving under the stairs then the stairs are going to go along for the ride. The only fix I can see for that is to stabilize the slope and maybe the stairs with it through a retaining wall on the downhill side. It's going to have to go fairly deep with that much slope to prevent toppling. Even then there's a chance that the whole thing will keep settling. Alternately you could try a concrete base under the stair with the stone laid on top. That will work for awhile but it may also become undercut on the low side in time. Combining the two is your best bet, perhaps with a molded 'gutter' channel on the uphill side to divert as much water as possible along the stair path instead of across it. Regardless, unless you set it on bedrock it's probably going to go where the hill goes eventually.


Re: stone stair repair along a slope

From the second photo (the first one didn't open), I can tell you that your steps are so heavy, that every time it rains a lot, there is a chance for a slide.

The steps can be shored up, I think that you are looking at an expensive repair, and concrete contractors are the ones to call.

Other than that, I like the view from the top.

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