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Stone Dust vs: Sand/ Flagstone Patio

What is the best material to install bluestone flagging in? Sand or Stone Dust? I feel stone dust may be more stable, compact bettter??? Most web sites say sand though.. Any reccomendations?

Re: Stone Dust vs: Sand/ Flagstone Patio

I would think a Limestone Aggregate would be better than sand.
Limestone would compact better than sand.

Re: Stone Dust vs: Sand/ Flagstone Patio

I would also be hesitant to use just the sand. I would use stone dust instead, compacted in place of course.

About 25 years ago, before this thing called the internet had caught on and there were all these discussion boards sharing all this good info, I had a similar project but it was a brick walkway that I wanted to dry fit. I also didn't like the sand suggestion for the base and as a filler for cracks between the brick.

Being a rebel, I used a sand and mortar dry mix for the base and also broomed it into the cracks between the bricks. Then i wet it down with the hose on the mist setting and refilled the cracks as necessary. Twenty-plus years later the only problem area is the soldier bricks on the edge. I should have anchored them in place with a beefier run of concrete on the outside of the soldier brick trapping them against the field bricks.

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