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Stipping & Converting Antique Buffet to Bathroom Sink

We have an antique sideboard-buffet(walnut)that we are converting into our bathroom sink. We have decided to strip it ourselves (have never done before). Without my knowledge, my husband rubbed a spot w/straight acetone and it seemed to work fine. The finish underneath is so beautiful we will probably forgoe staining it. From what we have learned about stripping, it is such a messy and time consuming job, not to mention working with the dangerous chemicals, he feels that we could acetone the whole thing. I seem to think if it were that simple, I would be able to find it as a recommendation in my on-line skill searching. Are we missing something? Also, what should we seal it with since it will searve as a sink?

Re: Stipping & Converting Antique Buffet to Bathroom Sink

Clean the sink with acetone and a cotton rag. Make sure that you remove any excess dirt and grime from the sink pan. If necessary, use a scrub pad to remove any stuck-on material.
Sand the sink with 120-grit sandpaper. The purpose of this is to scratch the surface enough to give the paint something to stick to. You don't want to remove any sink coating with the sandpaper, just scratch the surface so that it isn't glossy. Wipe the sink down again with the acetone, making sure that no particles remain.
Tape the countertop around the sink with a painter's plastic drop cloth and tape. Use green tape to begin with---green tape will prevent paint bleed---and tape a 2-inch-wide area from the edge of the sink flange and over the countertop. Make sure that the tape doesn't overlap the sink flange. Once you've laid down a 2-inch-wide strip around the sink, cover all areas surrounding the sink with plastic---out to about 3 feet on either side surrounding the sink. You want to create an isolated area in which to work without getting paint on the countertop. If you have an undermount sink, carry the tape down over the exposed edges of the countertop edge that leads down into the sink.
Hope it will be handy ;)

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