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Stinky wood floors

My tenants' pets used backroom wood floors (pine, I think) for toilet and I'd like to clean and deodorize until future time to refinish. What would happen if, after cleaning, I put lime right onto the wood? Maybe scrub lime into the wood?? How stupid am I? I'm thinking that for now I'd like to put vinyl over the wood for use as a laundry/utility room.

Re: Stinky wood floors

I had a problem something like yours as we had inherited my grandmothers house and her dog did its business in a small bedroom/dining room off of the kitchen. In our case we were getting the house ready to rent for the first time.
I don't really know about lime and don't think that would work but do know that even after we removed the carpet there was a bit of a smell and that was there even after painters had ruined the finished floors that were under the carpet(another very long story). The carpet installers said don't worry we have something we will put on the floor and it will take the rest of the odor away. I don't know what it was and maybe someone else might know but it took the odor completely away and apparently is available mainly only to the trade but I imagine you might be able to buy it yourself somewhere. I wish I could help you more but hope this has pointed you in the right direction. Good luck to you!:)

Re: Stinky wood floors

several things that work great:

1) Vinegar. Use it as strong as you want. either pour straight on or put about a quart in a mop bucket and mop the floor a few times. If the room doesn't smell like pickles, you aren't using enough.

2) Hydrogen peroxide: again use it straight. Pour it on or, like your situation, where it might not sit on the stain if you pour it on, put a rag over the area and soak the rag so it holds the HP against the stain. Let it sit overnight. mop the area and dust with baking soda to remove more smell. then clean up the baking soda with more baking soda and water.

3) Go to a pet supply store. They have gallon jugs of enzyme. It will cost a bit (like $30) but is worth it. The stuff works great. It neutralizes the odor. Follow the directions.

Bleach is good for disinfecting, but not as good for odor, so I'd stay away from that. I like the vinegar and enzyme treatment. clean clean clean with vinegar, apply enzyme and then clean with vinegar again.

We've used these methods with an elderly, incontinent cat and now with a wood floor in our newly purchased house that had a lot of pet urine soaked into it.

Re: Stinky wood floors

Thanks so much to hedgeclippers and humbler1 for the advice. It's encouraging to know that it can be done!!

Re: Stinky wood floors

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