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Stinky Water

Water from kitchen tap smells. It is the only one in the house that smells and clears up after running it for a few minutes.
This is on a private well. I've installed a charcoal filter, kitchen skin water still smells. The house has all copper pipes EXCEPT for the kitchen sink which has the plastic/PVC pipes. Is the smell coming from the plastic/PVC piping?
Stinky Water..

Re: Stinky Water

I also have stinky water when you turn the cold water on in 3 of my sinks on two seperate floors. Not showers or toilets though. I put on a whole house cold water only filter with charcoal, still have the odor. I did buy a small filter for just the kitchen and used a non charcoal filter and it worked but short of adding filters to every sink i am at a loss also,plus every 3 months i now have to buy filters for it. The sulphur smell only last for 10-15 seconds for the day and the next day its starts right back up. I have posted here 2 years ago and a year ago and have never had a solution or even an answer, i thought i would at least let you know there are others out here that "this old house" never ever acknowledges. I bleached my water softener several times (no help)too. Mine is cold water only, all copper pipes, 32 year old house and we are original owners. Our private water company has no answers also a omaha home show where we went offered $3000+ systems for the home and they would not guarantee that the conditioning system they offered would fix it, they sai it should but no guarantee. It is a pain to have to run the faucets every day for 15 seconds in 3 sinks but life is it like that sometimes. If you hear anything remember i am out here too, thanks.

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