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Sticky Latch on New Lock Set

Hi, first let me say I am new to the board, so excuse any errors or omission pertaning to entries!

I am having a problem with a new entry lock set. I replaced my standard set with a "push button" entry style with a lever knob on the interior. I installed the new latch and lever but the latch sticks and the lever/push button won't always return to "closed/latched" position. I thought perhaps it was an alignment issue, so I tried loosening the screws that hold it all together and work the mechanism. When I do this, the latch works fine. BUT, I have to loosen it so far to accomplish this, that the lock set is not secure to the door. I am curious if I have an installation problem or just a sticky mechanism that needs lubrication? Anyone who can help??


A. Spruce
Re: Sticky Latch on New Lock Set

If it's working fine with the screws loose, then it sounds like a binding problem. A few things come to mind without knowing your lock and seeing it first hand.

  • When you put the halves together, the tang that passes through the bolt (bolt = part that protrudes out the edge of the door and engages with the jamb ) may be out of phase (turned 90 or 180 degrees out of where it should be).
  • Locks have two different backsets. Backset = the distance from the edge of the door to the cylinder or keyed portion of the lock. Entry doors are typically 1-3/4" backset, interior doors are typically 1-3/8" backset. The reason that this is important is that the bolts tend to be adjustable to accommodate both distances. Make sure the bolt is properly adjusted for the backset of your door. To find out, measure from the edge of the door to the centerline of the lockset or handset (the big hole in the face of the door ).
  • When the bolt was installed, it wasn't properly mortised into the edge of the door and may be at a slight angle to the lockset, causing a bind.
  • [*]Some locksets are just sensitive to overtightening and will bind as a result.

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