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Sticking metal doors

Last summer in oklahoma, our two east facing metal doors were sticking when the sun shone on them. They would release after the sun had moved. One of them is an second floor fire escape.

This is a current event. Draught conditions applied last year in oklahoma.

Was wondering if there was a coating that could be painted on the door? Would spraying foam insulation in the door help?

Looking for options.

A. Spruce
Re: Sticking metal doors

Sounds like a simple case of heat expansion. Most metal doors have a wood "doughnut" around their perimeter which can be shaved to adjust clearance. If that doesn't work, then you're going to have to adjust the frame. Sometimes this can be done by driving screws, depending on how well the door was installed. Sometimes you'll need to remove shims from each side of the door to make a little more room to expand the frame with the screws.

Re: Sticking metal doors

First, doors and windows should never be painted a dark color if they see much sun for this very reason. If they are dark, paint them a light color- that may or may not be enough. Second is to figure out exactly where they are binding and address those areas minimally and only. Removed material can't be easily put back and removing too much might leave you with leakage when winter cold shrinks things. If there are all-metal doors the only adjustment is in the hinges, which can be shimmed in or out. If that isn't quite enough you can take a 2X4 block about a foot long and a hammer and attempt the shift the metal around, mashing it smaller. The same can be attempted with the frame. Whatever you do go slowly and know that too much bashing can break the welds on the door or warp it permanently.

I've performed near-miracles with metal doors in metal frames set in masonry but that took a lot of experience to know just how far I can go. To learn that I had to lose a couple doors which didn't make my boss too happy with me. Just go slowly and you should be OK.



Re: Sticking metal doors

Use a larger drill bit to drill through the wood to a depth where the handle screws will connect to the handle or use two or three bits of wood and screw into the top bit, which is what is shown in your picture.

Re: Sticking metal doors

That helps!

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