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Steam Shower Construction

Hey! I've studded out for a new steam shower. As a do-it-yourselfer, sure would like to hear any input about steambaths/showers, esp. ideas you wish you would have known about prior to building your steamshower. Also, any problems you encountered?? THANKS!

Re: Steam Shower Construction

some of it comes down to how much you want to spend. you can purchase a kit that has a shower floor pan and a woven fabric for the walls which go on prior to tile. the name of the product donesn't come right to mind now. the last steam shower i built, the homeowner had me use "loctite" i think that's the name of the grout. it's super stuff, a pain in the ass to work with but you certainly don't have to worry about cracks. the grout for the shower i did was somewhere in the $700 range. another thing to keep in mind is where to place the steam valve. the owner hired his own plumber and he put the steam valve right where your ankles would be if you were sitting on the seat in the shower. we had to have him come and move it before we could tile, an added expense. also, getting a vent window on top of the shower door is a nice touch which greatly helps controll the temperature. the other thing we did, and i don't know how much he uses it, was to add a ceiling fan in the shower as well as in the bathroom area. those are just a few thoughts of mine.

Re: Steam Shower Construction

From a tiling standpoint there are details for constuction of Steam Rooms in the Tile Council of America Handbook.(details S613 and S614) One on the key aspects is the membrane used.Membranes for Steam Rooms need to have a perm rating less then 1 in order to stop the water vapor from entering the wall gavity.In recent years membranes have been introduced that are installed on top of the wall board (cement) or mud wall.The membrane's are tested to ANSI 118.10 but the perm rating needs to be listed at less then 1.http://www.noblecompany.com/Portals/0/PRODUCT%20INFO/Product%20Descriptions/NS%20TS_PD_0407_lr.pdf
Other major considerations are the insulation and the wall board itself.

Re: Steam Shower Construction

I recommend Schluder membrane.

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