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steam radiator

All radiators in my daughters old dutch colonial in eastern U.S. have been working fine except for one room. I checked the pipe in the basement leading to the second floor when heat is on and the pipe is hot. When I checked the pipe attached to the radiator the pipe is cold. It did work once last year but not since. Could it be air in the lines? If it was the shut off valve we would at least get hot pipes feeding the source.

Do we have to change the pipes due to rust?

Can I take the shut off valve off the radiator and run a small snake down to clear the pipe or would that cause rust particles to block some other area?

Is there any additive that I cold put into the system to help this?

Need help, fixitpa

Re: steam radiator

Try taking the vent off when the heat is on. That's the little "whistler" on the opposite side from where the valve is.

If it heats up,replace that steam vent. If it still doesn't heat,

You could have a blockage in that pipe or the valve is not really open. One other thing to check is that the radiator itself tilts back towards the valve a bit.Put a level on top of it and see whether it slopes towards the valve. If it slopes the other way, water can condense and cause the same symptom.

No additives that I know of.

Re: steam radiator

Thanks for the info. I just checked the pipe coming from the basement and it was hot. As I reached down through the 2nd floor, theres about 6" to 8 " between floor and 1st floor celiing and the pipe is cold. There is ample heat throughout the house except this one room. Your suggestions are good. I'll try them and let your know. Tks

Any ideas of how to unplug the blockadge?

Re: steam radiator

Most of these problems are either the inlet shut off valve, the air vent, or the thermostatic trap on the outlet. In my experience, less than 10% of the problems with steam radiators were due to a blocked pipe, and never was it in a steam supply, just the condensate return, and never in a vertical section. Traps and air vents fail first, and hand valves second. It is a simple fix unless you break something.

Re: steam radiator

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Re: steam radiator

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