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Staple gun recommendations?

I'm trying to replace an older electric staple gun that has given me fits for years. It constantly jams and did a lousy job of fully setting staples. I want to buy the opposite now: one that will work flawlessly. I see that many models now also do brads and that might also be nice but is not a major requirement of mine. Any suggestions and/or personal experiences with a particular brand/model would be helpful. I have been leaning towards Sears Craftsman but with no particular knowledge of their electric staple gun performance history (and the salesperson couldn't provide me with that either). Thanks!

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

Of course, the terrible one I've had all these years is a Stanley. Electric, though.

I don't have, or plan to buy, an air compressor so does anyone else have experience with the other 2 options: electric or spring-loaded? Thanks.

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

It would be helpful to know the intended use.

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

I can only describe the use that I next intend to use it for but I would expect that a stapler that performs as most manufacturers describe they do, would perform well in many types of uses. As I tried to relay in my initial post, the one I have works terribly under all conditions.

That said, I plan to staple a medium gage wire mesh to pine 2x4s. Nothing fancy. Nothing difficult (in my opinion). But, yet, a nightmare using my current unit.

I'm just looking for a stapler (what I assume would be electric) that maybe has adjustable driving force, so I can set it for the job at hand, that doesn't jam or let staples fly out of the staple "chamber" when I fire it. Is that asking a lot?

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

Duo Fast makes the only worthy electric staple guns out there.
They are pricey, and don't use the common stapler staples (T-50)you will find at the average hardware store.

Duo Fast electric staplers

Nailgundepot stocks the Duofast EWC-5018A which is a 1/2" crown, 20 gauge general purpose stapler that will shoot 5/32" to 9/16" staples

Duo Fast also offers some very well made manual staplers,(with depth of drive adjustments) one of which I believe will handle the common T-50 staples

If your not willing to spend $200 on a stapler you may be satisfied with one of Arrow's more moderately priced options, They do work acceptably but are usually not that long lived.

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

Life is too short as it is. Buy a pancake air compressor and a pneumatic staple gun.

Re: Staple gun recommendations?

Life is too short as it is. Buy a pancake air compressor

When was the last time you used an pneumatic sander, drill,or saw with a pancake compressor? :)

Sometimes it is easier to just use a corded tool. Extension cords are a lot lighter than compressors.

Oh, and I should have mentioned the Makita cordless stapler also.

Makita BST221

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