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Standing water in grass parking stall

I have a spot in my back yard for extra parking. However, every Spring after the snow melts it turns into a large 3 inch deep puddle. The spot is probably 10'x10'. What are some ideas to help prevent the standing water so we can use it? It does not have to be a fancy and expensive solution because the problem only lasts for a few weeks in the Spring and it is only used occasionally. My initial thought was to put down some gravel. But what kind of gravel?

Re: Standing water in grass parking stall

If you are certain that the sitting water is from melting snow, you are having a grading issue. That 10x10 area is a low spot.

Re-grade, or build the area up and the water will go away. Use dirt for that. You can top it with some 3/4" gravel, which even comes in different colors.

Re: Standing water in grass parking stall

So 3/4 inch gravel, have you heard of anyone snowblowing over that? I'm wondering if I use 3/4 inch rough gravel if the snowblower will throw a bunch of rocks next year or if it will be OK because it will have settled down enough.

Re: Standing water in grass parking stall

you could re grade, might take some money.. Or you could put a french drain or something simple like that in. You can make a french drain with a shovel, hay bail concrete blocks and rocks. Look it up on google there are lots of ways to do it

Re: Standing water in grass parking stall

A snowblower will pick up the rocks and throw them.

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