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Stamped Concrete

I have heard about two different coloring methods for a stamped concrete patio. The first involves mixing the coloring into the concrete while the concrete is being mixed for use and then pouring the colored concrete. The second involves applying the coloring to the concrete surface after the regular (non-colored) concrete has been poured. Thoughts as to which method is better? Thank you.

Re: Stamped Concrete

I've always had good results in mixing the dye powder right into the concrete.

Re: Stamped Concrete

The obvious advantage of mixing color into the cement itself is that should the cement be damaged, the color will still be showing. It the color is merely topical, a chip or spalling will expose the gray of the underlying cement.

Re: Stamped Concrete

Ditto the above, always mix the color in if at all possible. And if you DIY don't get any of the powder on you- Work upwind of this stuff! The oils of your skin will activate it and you'll find what 'permanent' means as you take a few weeks to wear the colored skin away. Please don't ask how I know :D


Re: Stamped Concrete

This is always a debate in the decorative concrete world. Mix it in or do afterword. Depends on what you are after and what is the relative cost in your area. Integral color is what is mixed on the truck either on site or batched at the concrete plant. IT is the easiest for you or the contractor as it requires nothing. It does require the mixing plant to be extra careful batching the concrete as minor changes in water content can make changes to the color and then matching different loads can be an issue. Non issue if only one truck. In some cases color from the concrete company can cost nearly as much as the concrete itself. If that is the case you can usually find the color on the web -tru hue integral color- and add it onsite with a much lessor charge.
That being said you can do accent color hardener. tru impressions Color hardener is broadcast about 1/8 inch on the surface of the placed and screeded concrete and worked in after it has sufficiently absorbed some surface water. It often requires a second application. More work for sure but in some cases, more cost effective especially if you want a dark color.
Last may be to just do a concrete stain completely after the fact. Yo can get plain concrete and the use the right stains days later to create a fantastic effect and completely do a custom job to suit your needs. Very DIY able.
example shown below. Found the colors on the web, concrete stains.biz. Worked great. my .o2

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