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stall shower base

I need to replace my stone shower base but dont want to use acrylic - which is the only option available in the big stores.
The size of the base is 41"w x 31 1/4"h.
I had seen previous episodes of TOH which Tom installed a metal frame and prepared a stone/gravel mixture, and once dry sealed it.
What about using granite or similar?
I need some suggestions/advice/guidance please!

Re: stall shower base

Granite and marble are very nice, but slippery. In fact they are not to code in some states - for shower base. You can use them for the walls. A better choice will be porcelain, and cheaper too.

Note: You need to check your shower pan before you lay new tiles. It's your defense against leaks.

Re: stall shower base

You can do a "mud" (concrete) base yourself and tile over it. There are books and web sites that can help on this. The thing you saw on TOH is not a DYI. I can't remember what its called but you need a special machine to grind it smooth and then seal it. It is very durable, but also very hard to remove later if you want something different and it is very expensive.

They also showed of a plastic product to form the bed. They covered the whole stall, including the plastic base with a sheet product to waterproof it and then tiled the stall. This would also be a good option if you are into tiling. The base part is semi adjustable for odd stall sizes.

Re: stall shower base

I'm getting ready to rip into mine which the whole bathroom is poured mud/tile and the shower stall a terrazzo like cast. Myself I hope to save the shower floor but if I cannot I'll mud/tile the area.

I have 45+ years of floor to ceiling 1x1 tile to remove on this one.

Re: stall shower base

Terrazzo, that what I was trying to remember.

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