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Stainless steel tiles chemical reaction to grout

I have just completed the tiling of my kitchen backsplash. The tiles where a 2" x 2" mosaic of glass and stainless steel.

After grouting I began to wipe away the excess grout with a damp grout sponge and noticed that some of the stainless steel tiles had been effected by the grout. It seemed to happen where the protective paper front of the tile had allowed some grout in behind itself.

The stainless steel tiles now have some very ugly dark patches. How can I remedy this. Is there any way that I can refinish the tile? My least preffered option is to replace each individual tile(about 50 in total) with a new one, how would I best go about doing that if it was the only option.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Stainless steel tiles chemical reaction to grout

Thank you for your thorough reply. It sounds as if it may be rust / water marks as it does rub off black. I have tries CLR (metal cleaner) but it does not take a whole lot off, although it does appear to have some effect.

I will try the options suggested and let you know how I go.



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