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Staining or tinting wood floor

Removed the linoleum floor glued to the 105 year old maple flooring. Here is my dilema - the gorgeous pumpkin patina is now gone and I am left with a room nearly white in color with the remainder of the house filled with the darker color. How do I go about approximating the vintage color? I have thought about dying or possibly staining the wood as I don't think modern floor finishes will ever darken or turn a dark amber color with age.

Re: Staining or tinting wood floor

Strip and sand all then make it a new :)

Tacoma John
Re: Staining or tinting wood floor

Pick a piece from the floor that was sanded and one that you want to match, preferalbly from a closet or other hidden place. Bring them to a paint store and let them match it for you.

Re: Staining or tinting wood floor

Use an oil-based polyurethane and NOT a water based. The oil-based gives a slight amber hue to it and will continue to darken very slightly over the years. The water based finishes are not as good in my opinion and give a very clear cold finish.

Also, you can stain the floor any color you want. Just pic the color and let 'er rip.

But stick with the oil-based poly for your floor. We do tons of floors every year and that stuff holds up better than the others. I personally like Fabulon's oil-based poly the best.

Re: Staining or tinting wood floor

A natural oil finish would probably give you the look you are going for. Also, I think that asking painters what would match is a good suggestion as well. You essentially need to make sure that the finish is appropriate for the type of surface you are finishing.

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