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Staining masonite doors?

Hello- has anyone tried staining masonite doors? I have white masonite doors but i would like to stain them. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this. The masonite doors are just have primer on them, no paint.

Thanks to anyone who can offer any help.

A. Spruce
Re: Staining masonite doors?

Staining? No, but you could simulate stained wood with the manner in which you apply the paint. Basically, you'll paint the door with a base paint color then with a combination stain and graining tool, you'll apply the faux wood grain. I personally have never done this type of finish, but I've seen it done and from a distance it looks just like the real thing, but standing next to it, it looks just like what it is, a faux finish. My recommendation is to either paint the door or install a wood door stained to your liking.

I'd post a picture of the graining tool, but the security features of this site make that nearly impossible.

Re: Staining masonite doors?

Definately agree with prev. poster!!

The thicker stains like ZAR, or regular "Gel-stains" are the only route.
But...yes...you'll need a new paint layer first. If your primer is more than a month old...re-priming is MANDATORY.

Then...the paint coat. Wait for a day or more for this to dry.
(OLD MASTERS has a "Graining-base coat" in a few colors I believe)
Then...the faux-graining with a thicker stain. DAY OR TWO for this to fully dry.:(
Then...Two (minimum) or more coats of Polyurethane. This takes a couple days to harden-off enough to use...:(

So...ya seee...you MAY be time & $$-ahead just buying a good wood door(s) and staining/Poly-ing them.:)
(This could be done in ONE day.)


Re: Staining masonite doors?

I have masonite doors in some areas of my home also. The most cost efficient and self-satisfying end result is to buy new interior wood doors and stain them the way you prefer. You will be further ahead than buying all the paint removers, primers, stains and sealers you would need for the masonite doors and you still won't like it!!


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